Do all entities have the same payment & billing rules?

All entities have the same billing rules above all. Therefore they apply individually and may differ between entities and individual partners.

E.g. Due to the number of leads delivered per month, partner “A” might have weekly payouts in entity Europe and monthly payout in entity Brazil.

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Which Geos belong to which entity? 

Here you have the entire list:

Asia Pacific: Australia AU, New-Zealand NZ, Singapore SG, Malaysia MY, Indonesia ID,

Philippines PH, Taiwan TW, Hong-Kong HK, Thailand TH, and South Africa ZA

Europe: Germany DE, Italy IT, France FR, Spain ES, United-Kingdom UK, Poland PL, Sweden SE, Finland FI, Belgium BE, Portugal PT

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What is an “ENTITY”?

Big Bang Ads calls “entity” every group of Geos under the same billing rules, so our accountancy consists of three entities:  “AP – Asia Pacific”, “EU – Europe”.

We mark offers on the Big Bang Ads according to the belonging division:

  • “AP – Asia Pacific” belong to the Asia Pacific division.
  • “EU – Europe” belongs to the Europe division.

Check here billing details:

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