Big Bang Ads tracking system is based on server-to-server postback pixel, therefore we place Javascript pixels anytime under request. This is not by default.

We implement JS pixel ONLY for Social traffic offers.

You can easily find them on the Big Bang Ads platform: they contain the keyword “Facebook”.

Example: DK – P49 – EU – 15528 – Inhouse – SOI – lead generation – free sweepstakes – Facebook – non incent


Big Bang Ads provides “ready to use” prelanders and any kind of advertising material to start cooperation or if requested.
Yes, you can also use your material to run our offers, following restrictions such as no winning promises or misuse of third-party brands.
You can find more under Terms and Conditions.

In case of doubt or language barrier, contact your account manager.

All entities have the same billing rules above all. Therefore they apply individually and may differ between entities and individual partners.

E.g. Due to the number of leads delivered per month, partner “A” might have weekly payouts in entity Europe and monthly payout in entity Brazil.

More information here

You need to have only one Big Bang Ads account, approved for each entity before you can promote its offers. You get your account approval for each entity by getting in touch with our business development:

Big Bang Ads recommends:
– Focus on our offers: the lead generation sweepstakes industry is highly competitive. You will be beaten by other affiliates if you try too many verticals instead of focusing on 2 or 3 max. That’s based on your budget, knowledge, and experience.
– Start with max two geos that belong to the same entity/threshold. Once you regularly get credit notes, then expand to more geos or work with another entity
– Get in touch as much as possible with your account manager. That’s how you will get the best and latest landing pages in the geos where you are active
– A/B test and be creative with your landers.

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Fraud harms users, the industry our clients and us. Therefore, we have a zero-tolerance fraud policy.
We invest lots of money and time to check all incoming traffic. We are proud to own a state-of-the-art fraud detection and protection technology.

Big Bang Ads needs 72 hours maximum to process and approve sign-up requests.

Your commissions remain unpaid in your account on Big Bang Ads until you reach the threshold, without time limitation.
Big Bang Ads can also pay commissions below 500 EUR. In this case we apply a service charge of 50,00 EUR.

Big Bang Ads calls “entity” every group of Geos under the same billing rules, so our accountancy consists of three entities:  “AP – Asia Pacific”, “EU – Europe”.

We mark offers on the Big Bang Ads according to the belonging division:

  • “AP – Asia Pacific” belong to the Asia Pacific division.
  • “EU – Europe” belongs to the Europe division.

Check here billing details:

The threshold for each entity is 500 EUR (€), which equals 500 EUR commission.

Big Bang Ads experienced very good results with Push traffic, banners (display advertising) and Social traffic (Facebook mostly) which allow targeting the needed audience and generating quality Leads. Therefore, we highly recommend them.

Besides those, affiliates can try any source of traffic at their convenience.

Incent, SMS, Coreg, Search (brand bidding) are strictly forbidden, according to our Terms & Conditions,


Big Bang Ads pays commissions, only if an account has reached the minimum threshold of 500,00 EUR/entity.

Our accountancy issues credit notes weekly or monthly and transfers money directly to affiliates bank accounts.

We pay by wire transfer ONLY, on the first working day after leads validation (72hrs time). We do not issue any other payment methods.

* The timeframe for monthly payments is 1st – 30/31st of each month. The timeframe for weekly payments is Monday- Sunday.

Big Bang Ads pays in Euro (EUR) via wire transfer for all entities.
Asia Pacific entity can offer U.S. Dollar (USD) payments. Please double check with your account manager.

Here you have the entire list:

Asia Pacific: Australia AU, New-Zealand NZ, Singapore SG, Malaysia MY, Indonesia ID,

Philippines PH, Taiwan TW, Hong-Kong HK, Thailand TH, and South Africa ZA

Europe: Germany DE, Italy IT, France FR, Spain ES, United-Kingdom UK, Poland PL, Sweden SE, Finland FI, Belgium BE, Portugal PT

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