Big Bang Ads Review, by iAmAttila

About Email Marketing: 3 Most Frequently Asked Questions answered by Big Bang Ads, affiliate Network

What does iAmAttila think about Big Bang Ads?

Here is how Big Bang Ads changed the way to do sweepstakes!
it’s about reputation, expertise, and its offers.
How lead generation Sweepstakes can make affiliates earn 150k€/ month.

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About Email Marketing:
3 Most Frequently Asked Questions
answered by Big Bang Ads, affiliate Network

About Email Marketing: 3 Most Frequently Asked Questions answered by Big Bang Ads, affiliate Network

Many of you asked:

“Why do you still use direct email marketing for lead generation sweepstakes?”

We answer the 3 most common questions about Email marketing in relationship with lead generation SOI offers and explain here what Email marketing means for us.

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Affiliate Business Club meets Big Bang Ads

Big Bang Ads is well known as a “Newbie-friendly
affiliate Network for single-opt-in in-house offers, but…

Why do senior & experienced affiliates choose Big Bang Ads?

Akie, from the Affiliate Business Club, interviews Justine Valeri.

Experience, Methods, Audience, “winning pages” & 20-year success.

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Sweepstakes trends 2021

“Q&A – Sweepstakes trends in 2021” Big Bang Ads back-and-forth with Redtrack.

Affiliate Marketing Industry takes Sweepstakes seriously.
Why sweepstakes are still booming in 2021?
How useful is an ad tracker to run sweepstakes?

“Nowadays affiliates being successful are the ones setting the trend,
not the ones waiting for it!


Big Bang Ads for STM-forum Report 2021

Vincent shares this month Big Bang Ads’ latest contribution for the STM-Forum, #1 Community for AFFILIATE MARKETERS.

You access here a report for Affiliate Marketing 2021 including insights from the only lead generation sweepstake advertiser in the book:

  • The best offer verticals
  • The hottest traffic sources
  • How to choose the best products
  • Impact of and response to Covid
  • …more.

Here goes to the report

If youre in the affiliate marketing or eCommerce industry, this FREE report can add more zeros to your bottom line.
And – believe it or not – it wont cost you a thing!

Vincent, from Big Bang Ads for STM-Forum:

For all STM- Forum readers, Vincent speaks about the best way for a beginner to start (flows, geos and so on) and … “What´s next, how shall he continue?”

The first interview in 2021 in the AM Insights Series
on the STM Forum is for Big Bang Ads.
Big Bang Ads, the top Advertiser for Lead Gen sweepstakes here seen from Vincent Jouvin, business development chéz Big Bang Ads.
Vincent provides an overview of the platform Big Bang Ads and analysed a company, created in 2001, grown in more than 25 geos in the Asia Pacific, Europe, South America and is an advertiser of his own Lead generation single-opt-in offers.

3 of the magic words – here for more insights.

Vincent contributed with STM-Forum to the very detailed SWEEPSTAKE GUIDE
for all Lead generation addicted.

Thanks to: STM-Forum

Webinar: All about sweepstakes in 2020. (NOT ONLY FOR BEGINNERS)

Industry specialists Vincent Jouvin (Big Bang Ads) and Alex Om (Adplexity) discuss affiliation marketing, lead generation sweepstakes & Ad Intelligence tool. Best-practice samples and case histories to build something you can be proud of.

Thanks to: Alex Omelianovych, Chief Marketing Officer – AdPlexity

Live Interview with Vincent from Big Bang Ads
Affiliate World Europe 2019

Vincent Jouvin, the business developer at Big Bang Ads Germany, issued an interview with Colin Dijs at Barcelona Affiliate World.
His experience in the backstage of the Big Bang Ads Network, from its launch until today demonstrates how every affiliate is appreciated for his own identity, commitment and performance, which reflects also the global character of the network in the Lead generation landscape. Vincent is the face of the Big Bang Ads in the Lead Generation worldwide industry summits and conferences.

Live Interview with Justine from Big Bang Ads:
Affiliate World Europe AWE 2019

An exclusive interview with Justine Valeri at Barcelona Affiliate World 2019, by Colin Dijs.
Justine has moved her desk (….again!!) from Frankfurt am Main, Europe Office – to Singapore’s Big Bang Ads office. Originally from France, a few years’ of dedicated experience helped her to gain faithful affiliates on the network.
Girl power for the Big Bang Ads – Child of the Lead Generation world!

Egentic Big Bang Ads Affiliate CPA Network [Tutorial]

Want to know more about Big Bang Ads? In this video, you will get an inside look inside the Big Bang Ads CPA Network. You will also find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about this affiliate network.

Thanks to Colin Dijs