Low Payout – Crazy EPC


Why SOI offers can make you a fortune?

  • Really high CVR (10-15%), cause users don’t need to buy anything. Sweep-stakes are free of charge.

  •  Evergreen verticals. Product offers come and go but FREE stuff is what people always want.

  •  Cheap data, endless possibilities for optimization.

Why Running SOI offers with us?

  • We are first hand buyers in EU and APAC. We invented sweep stakes 21 year ago!
  • If other CPA network offers you higher Payout, then they will shave you. Why? Check “A”. No middle men can offer higher price then final buyer.
  • The biggest variety of Exclusive sweepstake.

Need more info? Check the case study of our
top affiliate “How I switched from 200$ to 2$
Payouts and grew ROl by 100%”

Vertical: SOI sweepstakes
Offer: Decathlon/Mediamarkt/ Worten giftcards
Period: September of 2018 - June of 2019
Traffic source: FB
Network: BBA (Big Bang Ads)

Important introduction.
By the time we decided to start SOI sweepstakes, we were doing really solid volume on financial offers (crypto/binary options). We never considered sweepstakes as a good offer simply because we did not believe they could be profitable with such low payouts and we never met any people who run them. Once we met a guy from Israel who was making around $1 000 000 monthly on sweepstakes. He did not share any insights but we were dead sure that ther's a lot of money in this vertical and we should try it. So we did....

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